Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask - The Best Natural Clay Mask Available!

This is my review on the Amazon best seller Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask.

I bought the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask about 3 months ago and must say that I am impressed! It has cleared my skin from blemishes and has evened out my skin texture as well. My skin is brighter and smoother and softer!

I was looking for a product that was not only natural and free of chemicals but also for something that could clear up my acne without drying out my skin.

I was a bit skeptical at first because there are so many products out there and thought. "Another clay mask?" but it really works and well!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask is known as the world's best and most effective clay mask when used with apple cider vinegar and was used by many women in Europe and the Middle East.

Indian healing clay has been around for centuries. It was even used by Cleopatra thousands of years ago as part of her beauty routine.

So here is how Aztec secret works:

First, a little goes a long way so don't use a lot. Spread only a little bit on your skin and let it dry.

Mix the clay with vinegar. I use Apple cider vinegar and then apply it to your face in a thin layer.

Let it dry for about 20 min. Now take it off. This part is a little bit difficult because you don't want to just wash it off down your drain because it's clay and will clog up your drain. 

So what I do is I put a cloth down over my sink drain and then remove the mask. That way you get the mud pieces in the cloth and not in your drain. 

After you remove your clay mask, you will notice that your pores are smaller and that your skin might feel a little tight.

Just use your moisturizer right after you remove your mask and you shouldn't have any problems with a dry tight feeling.

 I use my favorite moisturizer,  Bel Essence Anti Aging moisturizer because I have mature skin and I like that it's all natural and has ingredients in it that make my skin healthy. But you can use your favorite moisturizer too.

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Seriously , this product works! If you get pimples, and get cystic acne, it is very painful.

If you want to clear all of the guck out of your skin, this will do it. I have dry skin so I don't use the vinegar every time, I use water. 

I have a friend who has oily skin, and she breaks out a lot, so she uses the vinegar, and it really works out on her skin. 

I have tried so many brands and every time my skin feels dry, gets red or I don't see any results.

With this product my skin has a beautiful glow to it, and I can barely see any redness and it's so soft!