Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy Skin Care Steps For Glowing Skin

For most of us, skin care routines have become bogged down with loads & loads of information, products, remedies etc… Actually all you have to do is just spend 3 minutes every morning and night for young, glowing and healthy looking skin.

All your skin needs is just a 3-step routine:


 Cleanse your skin throughly to remove dirt and unclog pores.


Use toner to tighten up the pores, improving blood circulation and imparting a healthy glow.


Moisturize with SPF protection during the day to prevent sun damage and at nightime before bed to prevent dryness and to nourish your skin for smoother, softer skin.

Recommended Skincare Products for a flawless complexion!

Acne Fighting Tips

1.   Don’t pick!
2.   Wash twice a day. Lightly in the AM. Extra-thourghly in the PM. Use a mild unscented cleanser.
3.   Dot a small amount of 2.5% Benzol Peroxide on the affected area.     
4.    Reduce reddness and inflamation by avoiding hot drinks, spicy food alcohol and overexposure to sun.
5.    Have a professional facial regularly to safely extract clogged oil and dirt without infection or scarring.
6.   Take a rest day. Give your skin a makeup-free day.
7.    Keep your hands off your face. If you do touch your face make sure your hands are washed before you do so.
8.    Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise to improve circulation.
9.    Exfoliate once a week.
10.  Dry face with a clean towel and don’t rub it. Blot dry.

A little note about SPF

That sun-kissed, healthy glow that comes from spending time outdoors or in the tanning bed is wonderful.
What isn’t so wonderful is the damage that UV exposure leaves behind. Wrinkles, sun spots, uneven skin tone and dryness can all add years to your face.
Knowing how to choose makeup that disguise these problem areas help, but prevention is still the best medicine. Never leave the house without sunscreen on your face.
Facial skin is very delicate and must be protected year round from UV exposure, even on overcast days. If you choose to go without foundation, at least apply a moisturizer with SPF like this one.